As the future-facing trend of the quantified self expands from fitness into wellness and mental-health spaces, the challenge at hand for Paradym was to fundamentally shift how to approach accomplishment and growth through a more empathetic and authentic lens. The pursuit of greater self-awareness leaves ego at the door in exchange for vulnerability and honesty; users want a brand they can build trust with.

Our solution began with the visualization of a path, which comes to life as a core component of the brand and wordmark. The path element is a dynamic expression that represents the unique journey that belongs to each of us; our past experiences and our continual journey to self-awareness and growth. This new system allows for a broad range of expression across print and digital, but also celebrates the human spirit in conversation with its audience. Color follows suit, with a palette that feels unfiltered–rejecting insincere optimism.

Thoughtful photography is employed throughout the brand, bringing to light moments of complex emotion and meaningful experience, and validating the blurred line between joy and sorrow. This celebration of humble and vulnerable truths is what sets Paradym apart as a radical leader in the mental-health space. Breaking Patterns. Changing Minds.

Brand Strategy, Verbal Identity, Visual Identity, Collateral, Art Direction, Illustration, Animation, Product Design, Web Design

“Fuzzco is the absolute dream. Not only are they creatively brilliant, they're so easy to work with. I couldn't recommend this wonderful team more highly.”

– Courtney Carlsson, Founder and CEO of Paradym