Ramp’s “Doing Finance” Campaign

We create and grow brands that inspire joy, for products that help people do serious things.

Notion Out of Home Campaign
Camille Ricketts, CMO of Notion

“Notion could not be where it is as a recognizable global brand without our friends at Fuzzco. We're so lucky to have them in our corner as we grow.”

Nuuly Brand Identity
Maven cracked open the stale and passive online learning market with a brand that connects the origins of education to the future of learning.
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Figma's expanded brand ecosystem – including a website, marketing campaigns, and physical products – unlocked scaled growth beyond its product-led roots, unlocking a 100% growth from 2021 to 2022.
SevenFifty's brand reflected the joy and connection of creating a product you love that brings people together. The SevenFifty Marketplace reached just under $1 billion in sales volume over 2020 before they were acquired by Provi.
Adam Van Fossen, CRO of SevenFifty

I’ve worked with various branding agencies in the past and I’ve noticed a predictable pattern and playbook take shape every time. Fuzzco upset those expectations in a really wonderful way. From the jump, the team challenged our worn-in ways of thinking about our business and brand and pushed us in new directions.

The Config Conference transformed Figma from a product for designers into a global design community of over 4 million users.
Drip's rebrand reflects the nerdy but creative spirit of the marketing automation specialists its product serves.
Carbon Health redefined health as the moments you spend outside of the doctor's office, not in it. The “this is” campaign launched their primary service offering into new markets as they expanded their footprint across the country.
From packaging to promotion to the puzzles themselves, everything about Different Puzzles is designed to stop and delight.

  • Conformity is safe, but it misses the point. Bravery is rewarded, so pursue the bold and unexpected.
  • The secret to being taken seriously is being clear.
  • To make people love you, make them feel seen.
  • Brand-building is really about world-building.