Notion OOH Brand Campaign

In the summer of 2021, Notion approached us to help them develop their first ever out of home campaign. Their digital marketing efforts had proven highly effective and as they looked to expand into new markets both within and outside of the US, they needed to increase their awareness and communicate their core brand value proposition.

We concepted an awareness campaign rooted in the core idea that Notion is your all-in-one workspace across personal and professional, both for individuals and teams. We developed micro storylines to show the power and simplicity of Notion’s product in context and rolled these out across billboards, bus shelters, subway ads and many other print and digital OOH touchpoints. This initial campaign was so successful that Notion significantly increased their commitment to OOH and went on to do placements in London, Paris, South Korea, Japan, Dublin, and all over the US. Building on the concept of the awareness campaign, we then developed a new concept for a series of New York City wildposting ads that went deeper into specific stories for both individuals and teams.

Campaign Development, Art Direction, Print Production

“As the first marketer at Notion, I needed a lot of design support as we built out the team. I immediately found that partnership and shared understanding with the team at Fuzzco. Put simply, Notion could not be where it is as a recognizable global brand without our friends at Fuzzco. We're so lucky to have them in our corner as we grow.”

– Camille Ricketts, former CMO of Notion