Fin by Intercom

The release of ChatGPT’s API meant big things for Intercom, a cloud-based communication platform that allows businesses to have real-time conversations with their customers. It was immediately clear that advanced AI language models could help their customers automate responses and resolve issues faster. To remain the market leaders in automated customer support, they’d need to lead the market with an integrated AI solution.

Enter Fin: your friendly robot customer concierge. Intercom worked with Fuzzco to develop a brand and animation identity for Fin that was impactful, cool, and ownable. It wasn’t just about the tech – Intercom needed an identity that humanized their AI chat tool, integrated it into the Intercom brand, and still reflected the technology’s exciting newness.

We started by exploring the level of disparity the Fin brand would have from Intercom as well as what initial animation styles could look like. Once we landed on a final identity, we went deeper into Fin’s motion and behavior. We worked closely with Intercom’s brand, marketing, and product teams to clearly define animation guidelines for Fin both in-product and more broadly across all marketing channels, extending into an animated video campaign for social media.