Figma dot com

We collaborated on a full redesign of the Figma homepage to introduce updated brand messaging and visuals showing how Figma and FigJam, their newest product, support the end-to-end creative process; Brainstorm, Design, and Build. The introduction of FigJam as a paid product added complexity to the brand architecture and created a product marketing challenge.

We invented a fake music company to use as a sample use case for how Figma and FigJam work together to support creative teams as they build an idea together. Each section of the page illustrates how Figma and FigJam support design systems and development in the context of this music company. We started with a wide set of studies and varied approaches both visual and strategic before honing in on the final direction, producing a responsive design with a suite of still and motion assets. It’s an immersive experience that uses motion to make you feel as if you’re already collaborating with someone in FigJam or designing a new app in Figma.

Content Strategy, Web Design, Animation