The Getty

After selling his successful startup to Spotify, Sean Creeley turned his sights to launching a new bagel and cocktails restaurant called The Getty in an old gas station in Portsmouth, NH. The entire premise is full of contradiction, something we couldn't ignore as we developed a new brand.

As The Getty eschews traditional ideas of bagels, the visual identity eschews traditional ideas of brand – there is no one logo, no one color, no grids, no templates. The entire system is a living organism (release the yeast!) that shifts and adapts to each unique impression, whether that’s a hat, shirt, napkin or menu. It’s sketchy, decidedly un-polished, it doesn’t take itself seriously, and it’s not afraid to try new things. Come and Getty.

Visual Identity, Character Development, Web Design, Illustration, Signage

“I can’t say enough good things about Fuzzco. They are a group of lovely, talented people that produce something unexpectedly brilliant every time. Their brands are authentically fun and emotive in direct opposition to much of the corporate hellscape you see in the wild these days. They are true collaborative partners in the process but also know when to protect you from yourself. In short, Fuzzco should be your branding agency.”

– Sean Creeley, Founder & CEO of The Getty