Ramp team merch store

When Ramp came to us, they were (and still are) growing rapidly. They were hiring quickly, and felt like their existing new employee onboarding and care package was missing on an opportunity to properly set the tone. On top of that, existing employees really didn’t have any company goods that they could wear and be proud of.

We worked closely with Ramp to develop concepts for a line of company branded merchandise that went beyond just putting the logo on a shirt and drew more inspiration from the place where they were founded: New York. Then, we built a new online storefront for the fashion and lifestyle inspired line to live and grow on, making all of the goods easily available to employees of Ramp, whether they were in New York or anywhere else. Ny.©22

Art Direction, Web Design, Web Development, Merch Design, Print Production, Photography

"At the same time as working on our brand campaign, we were working through another project to build a brand store. Fuzzco went above and beyond-leading everything from concept through launch. They created a new permanent line of merch that felt nothing like corporate merch. We announced the launch of the store they designed to an eruption of cheers in the office. Employees are ecstatic.”

– Aaron Robbs, Creative Director at Ramp