Primo is revolutionizing the way we manage IT. Their single, streamlined dashboard gives businesses a holistic view into their equipment, employees, and budgets on their growth from 2 to 2,000 employees. Primo came to Fuzzco as they prepared to beta launch their app, allowing “accidental IT managers” to spend less time tracking and more time doing the work they love.

Our goal was to build on the strategy work laid by our friends at Headline. Leaning into the “accidental IT manager” archetype, we started with several in-depth conversations about how this customer would be affected by a tool like Primo, and how we could begin to think about a visual identity and web design experience that spoke their language in a sea of technical jargon.

The final visual identity system is rooted in language from modern, established institutions. A major goal of Primo was to build trust and convey stability with their customers, and we achieved that with a modern, robust wordmark that felt familiar, tried and true. We then developed an icon that played with similar geometry while having legs (or wings) to stand on its own. The Primo icon emulates a flock of birds, nodding to their customer’s desire for motion and synchronicity. As we began to explore web, we designed supporting motion graphics, product UI, and illustrations to further speak to Primo’s ease of use and approachability.

Visual Identity, Illustration, Animation, Web Design, Web Development

"The Fuzzco team was a delight to work with. They’re super pro, but also relatable and quirky. Their collaborative approach and speed of iterations allowed us to go from project kickoff to finish in just under two months. The resulting brand feels modern and fresh and the website helped us surpass our sales targets by almost 2x in the weeks following launch. I highly recommend the Fuzzco team."

Martin Pannier — Founder, CEO of Primo