Paper Triangles

Paper Triangles is a global AR agency bringing an immersive lens to digital campaign work. Since their founding, they stayed scrappy and focused on pushing the boundaries of what AR can do for brands. After becoming a preferred Snap partner and landing clients like Netflix and McDonalds, it was time for a brand and website that spoke to their level of hyper creativity, forward-thinking, technical saavy, and comfortability with embracing the weird. It's our favorite cocktail of qualities.

After partnering with their founding team to sharpen their brand strategy and how they talk about themselves, we went in with their creative team to explore how we could bring the same surprise, charm, and polish that's baked into their work through to their visual identity. The result works to surprise you at every moment – a shape-shifting, tangram inspired logo, a custom brand font that changes with what you write, and a website that gives Paper Triangles not just a place to showcase their work, but a world that they can continue to build on and experiment with. So yeah, it's a brand, but really, it's more of an invitation to see what's possible when you look at things through the Paper Triangles lens.

Visual Identity, Web Design, Art Direction, Brand Strategy

Old Friends Studio - Development