In the summer of 2018 our friend and client Halle Tecco approached us with the idea to create a consumer and content company to help people get pregnant. We were invited to join as co-founders and creative partners, and jumped at the opportunity. So many women and families looking to conceive are overwhelmed by information and products and disappointed in a process that feels overly clinical and fairly impersonal. Natalist saw an opportunity to reimagine this process with millennial women at the center of it.

We worked with their team to position Natalist as an authority with heart. By offering expert guidance that empowers and speaks directly with customers, alongside redesigned essentials for a more discerning audience, Natalist hopes to build a richer connection with their customers.

At its core, our work consisted of brand strategy, naming the company, creating the visual identity, illustration, photography, design and development of the website, product and packaging design. We directed and produced a photoshoot to create a rich product and lifestyle library. Starting a family should be an experience you enjoy, and we wanted photography to set a positive tone. We used soft side light and friendly colors for the studio and product photography and mimicked natural light for the lifestyle photos. The packaging and product design balance the practicality and emotional experience of the process. We went deep to create a flexible layout system that makes it easy for the Natalist team to create and manage complex product pages.

Brand Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity, Packaging, Web Design, Web Development, Art Direction, Photography, Illustration