Life Elements

Life Elements is a quickly growing brand in the CBD space. Husband and wife, Curt and Martha, built the company and hand make and distribute all of their products. They have quickly grown Life Elements into a multi-million dollar brand. They came to us as they were looking to redefine a complex brand architecture, design a new visual identity system and create a packaging system for over 40 SKUs. The project expanded into a website redesign, a product and lifestyle photoshoot and developing a social style guide.

The work is informed by Martha’s Mexican heritage and her connection to the earth and its elements. The color system helps differentiate between the four lines – Honey, CBD & Honey, CBD & Vegan and Clean & Good. We developed a distinct mark for each line and provided a packaging system architecture to define how different CBD strengths and different product sizes would shift to communicate the package. The brand is earthy, honest, expressive and simple. The website expands on this aesthetic and the photography does a lot of heavy-lifting to set the mood of the brand story through styled images of products and people.

Brand Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity, Packaging, Web Design, Photography, Illustration, Social Content