DEMZ, or The Democratic Large-Cap Core Fund, is an ETF that allows individuals and institutions to easily invest in companies aligned with the Democratic Party and grow their personal wealth.

The founders of DEMZ knew that brand and messaging would be key to clearly communicating the core mission of the fund. We developed a brand narrative and visual identity around the idea of the power of the people. The visual identity is rooted in the rich history of newsprint, political posters and protest signage. We wanted to communicate trust through confident, editorial styles. The system can easily scale to tell stories that flex between financial status and the values of the Democratic party.

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity

"Fuzzco is one of the best design and branding firms out there. We partnered with them to create a brand, website and fund for our fund on an incredibly aggressive timeline. They presented inspiring work executed at an incredibly high fidelity. We launched on time and made friends in the process. Would strongly recommend them."

– Brian Potts, Founder of DEMZ