Common Room

If you can build it and nurture it, community can be a major lever to drive growth. But do you know who your community is and where they are? Who your biggest advocates are? Are you an active member of the community? For today's fastest growing companies, the answer to all of those questions is yes, and more and more of them can say so because of Common Room.

In early 2022, coming off of a successful funding round and with an exciting idea and a healthy group of initial users in hand, Common Room came to Fuzzco to help them make the most of that momentum as they launched out of beta and into the world. Partnering closely with their founding team, we embarked on a process that would evolve and extend their brand, defining their vision for community, bringing that spirit to their visual brand language, and culminating with a brand new website and digital design system.

For Common Room's customers, community isn't a what, it's a how – how they grow, build, and learn. And now, it's how Common Room starts to build meaningful connections with their customers and community at every brand touchpoint.

Brand Evolution, Web Design, Campaign Development, Illustration, Animation