Carbon Health

For most Americans, healthcare has traditionally been defined by “the visit” – to the doctor, the hospital, the clinic.

We know, though, that the moments most impactful to our health happen in between those visits. It’s how well we sleep, what we eat, the talks we have, the people we hug, the gardens we tend, the walks we take, and on and on.

Carbon Health is modern, everyday health care that is made for to all of those moments between visits. So when they came to Fuzzco looking to develop an awareness campaign to introduce themselves in a new market, we quickly identified that our most powerful opportunity was to build around the idea that a visit is really only a small snapshot of a person’s overall health, and stitching together all of the smaller everyday moments is the key to helping people seeing the bigger picture and how Carbon Health can help them make the most of it.

Campaign Development, Art Direction, Photography, Animation, Copywriting, Social Content, Collateral, Print Production