Sweep is bringing the no-code revolution to a new audience: RevOps teams & Salesforce admins. With Sweep, Salesforce pros can cut the dev time our of their process, allowing them to customize and scale any Salesforce configuration in a fraction of the time.

Built by a small group of RevOps pros in New York and Tel Aviv, Sweep came to Fuzzco with a beta product, an mvp brand, and an eager group of early customers. Together, we channeled that into a new brand system and website that enabled them to take their first big step into the world and out of beta with confidence. Taking inspiration from a passing description of their product as being as easy as “the sweep of a wand,” the brand and site channel the power, magic and ease of using Sweep, and helps Sweep stand out in a space full of flat blands.

Visual Identity, Web Design, Animation, Web Development