Word of mouth is an unstoppable form of marketing, and Swaypay knows it. Brands are spending more money on influencer marketing year over year. But most of the money goes to the top 1%. Swaypay created a shopping platform powered by social sharing to deliver maximum rewards for shoppers – the only app that fully recognizes this existing social economy and rewards people who amplify it.

We infused Swaypay’s purpose and approach with an emotional story, harnessing the importance of this paradigm shift that is putting influence back in the hands of the people. We created a common yet awkwardly memorable mascot for the brand – a raccoon named Cray. Except we decided it didn't need to be just one raccoon, we chose to embrace meme culture and say that every raccoon is on brand.

The raccoon made mischief across the web design, product design and concepts we created for TikTok and social channels, allowing us to build a vibrant, ever-evolving digital world for an ever-evolving platform.

Swaypay was renamed to Cray in the fall of 2023.

Visual Identity, Brand Strategy, Web Design, Product Design, Illustration, Social Content