SevenFifty is an online marketplace and communications platform for the beverage alcohol industry that helps importers, producers, distributors, and retail buyers connect with each other and streamline the complex supply chain.

We created a visual identity that honored the craft of producing and enjoying alcohol and brought a contemporary spirit of the industry into their brand in a way that clearly set them apart in their industry. With a vibrant color story and fluid illustration style, the brand is a celebration of the joy and connection people experience when they work with products they love.

SevenFifty was acquired by Provi, a B2B alcohol marketplace, as our project was wrapping up. While our work never launched publicly it went a long way to inspire the internal culture and the confidence of the founding team as they moved into the acquisition.

Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Verbal Identity, Illustration, Web Design, Product Design

"I’ve worked with various branding agencies in the past and I’ve noticed a predictable pattern and playbook take shape every time. Fuzzco upset those expectations in a really wonderful way. From the jump, the team challenged our worn-in ways of thinking about our business and brand and pushed us in new directions. Although, that push never felt forced: Josh and team engaged with us in a playful way that drew out ideas in conversation, through creative exercises, and from customer interviews. The distillation of these ideas created a foundation that Fuzzco’s creative team launched from to present concepts and visual treatments that we never could have imagined ourselves."

– Adam Van Fossen, CRO of SevenFifty