Part B2B technology inspired by traditional ikejime fishing technique, part B2C packaged food brand, Seremoni exists to elevate the fishing industry by making a more sustainable, ethical, and delicious catch-to-plate experience.

We partnered with Seremoni's founder, Saif Khawaja, to develop a brand narrative, new name, visual identity, and website to launch Seremoni in the fall of 2022. We honored the ethos of the technology itself by using bare-bones but considered graphics to embrace the idea of using only what is needed.

Brand Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity, Web Design

“Working with Fuzzco was absolutely fantastic. I felt very taken care of. I wouldn't trust anyone more than Josh to take care of us in the standard that we had been. Fuzzco aren’t just an agency; they’re business partners who help you think about your business differently. Everyone always talked about how professional our work was, how effective the branding conveyed the messaging to allow my story and brought Shinkei to life. Through them, we were able to build a huge waitlist. Even our engineers who normally aren't impressed by high quality design work were blown away by the quality of Seremoni.”

– Saif Khawaja, Founder