Pair of Thieves

Pair of Thieves, the underwear brand flying off the shelves of Target and Walmart, approached us to partner with them on a holiday brand campaign that elevated their marketing approach out of product features and conversion and focused more on the emotional experience of putting on the best pair of underwear and socks out there.

We developed campaign concepts to explore different ways to get at this core emotional experience and all aligned on the idea of "feels really unreal." To really hone in on that idea we identified the key moment when you realize something special is happening – the snap! of the underwear band. In that moment you're thrown into a portal traveling through experiences you've never dreamed of, all represented by found imagery and audio and speaking to the quality of the product.

We produced a video and photo shoot resulting in a rich bank of assets that we developed into a broad digital campaign including digital video ads, email assets, digital ads and social assets.

Campaign Development, Art Direction, Photography, Video, Copywriting, Social Content