Mode is the modern business intelligence platform that allows companies to explore, analyze and understand data across teams. After years spent heads down developing the most integrated robust analytics tools on the market, Mode was ready to shift their positioning from being a set of data products for data teams to being the enterprise data platform for all teams.

We partnered with their team to strategize, write copy, design and develop a deeply custom website built on Sanity. In addition to a strategic modular design allowing for broad application of the new design system, we developed a vast illustration and animation bank of assets, designed to tell a simple yet deep story about their brand, platform value proposition and product features.

Copywriting, Web Design, Web Development, Illustration, Animation

Brand identity by Gretel.


“Working with the Fuzzco team was a dream. The working cadence made it feel like they were an extension of our team as we tackled a massive website redesign together. They were super organized, proactive, creative–and a ton of fun to collaborate with. Because of their work and tech recommendations, our team is shipping web projects faster than ever, directly impacting funnel performance improvements and marketing spend optimization.”

– Emily Ritter, VP of Marketing at Mode