Maven is the first cohort-based live learning education platform where the world’s admired experts can share their knowledge and make a living teaching what they love. Fuzzco partnered with the Maven team to develop a visual identity system, brand animations and design for their website's landing page. We were honored to make a guest appearance to teach a class in their Startup Brand Strategy course taught by First Round's Arielle Jackson.

Visual Identity, Web Design, Animation

“We chose Fuzzco after a rigorous vetting process to help us create the brand identity for Maven. They did an excellent job creating a process that included our team and resulted in an output we're extremely happy with. Even though we have made some serious iterations in our product vision at Maven, the brand has held constant because Fuzzco created an identity that was resilient to the natural changes that happen in a startup's early life. I wholeheartedly recommend them and would work with them again.”

– Gagan Biyani, Co-founder & CEO of Maven