Goldie, the scheduling platform for beauty and wellness professionals, came to us at a time when they were still called Appointfix and had been growing entirely organically to that point. Their goal was to rename and rebrand to build a strong foundation for more outbound marketing efforts. We worked with them to understand their product market fit, discuss where they wanted the brand to evolve and how they envisioned scaling the business.

We began with creating a new name for the brand that more clearly anchored it in the beauty and wellness space they'd found such success in. We developed a new verbal and visual identity, and translated all of that into a website that would truly stand out among the appointment management landscape. The concept of “schedule like a pro” celebrates the idea boldness it takes to step out on your own and run your business exactly the way you want, empowering individuals and small businesses in professional services to see a deeper ROI.

Naming, Visual Identity, Verbal Identity, Web Design