We all enjoy playing games to pass the time, and sharing the joy of gameplay with others. Whether it’s on our phones or state-of-the-art consoles, the feeling remains the same. We worked with GameSnacks to help make HTML5 games more accessible on the web, bringing together novices and pros into the same arena with a name and identity that feels, well, playful.

In partnership with Google’s experimental workshop Area 120, Fuzzco was tasked to develop a name and visual identity system for their new HTML5 gaming platform. The platform was developed to make HTML5 games more accessible on phones no matter the network.

Our work evokes the fun, quick to load and easy to play games on Google’s platform with playful illustrated game snacks and a vibrant color palette. The logo mark plays on gaming nostalgia while the typeface reflects the freshness of the platform’s mission.

Naming, Visual Identity, Animation, Illustration