Figma brand campaign

As fervent users of the product, we were excited to collaborate with Figma on one of their first comprehensive paid ad campaigns–to develop a set of evergreen ads for use across paid channels with the purpose of driving signups and leads among their primary audience–an opportunity to purposefully test the edges of an organically-established brand.

We expanded existing brand language and introduced expressive new tools to produce assets they could run year round. In a quick impression, visuals and copy establish brand affinity, convey ease of use, and convince new users it’s worth the switch from their existing tools. The concept of “Work in Process” celebrates the idea that–whether collaborating in the weeds with peers, seeking efficiencies for your team, or looking to scale a consistent design system–the solution is found in the design process. This process is loose and full of momentum. To capture this energy, the viewer is placed directly in the product, working alongside a team to design a finished product.

Campaign Development, Social Content