East Fork

Alex Matisse and John Vigeland are two talented potters with a shared vision of creating a line of ceramic home goods. They formed East Fork Pottery, but found it feeling more like a collective than a brand. They hired us to rethink their studio's overall direction, and to reshape the structure and presentation of their work.

Alex and John built the company with a foundation in traditional methods and styles. We worked closely with them to develop a brand position that could appeal to a larger market and develop styles to appeal to a younger, more discerning customer. Going beyond the brand position, we helped them define their overarching product offering and styles.

We encouraged the development of primary and secondary identities to distinguish between the house line and the individual artist's lines. We shortened their name to East Fork which would represent the house line and we created the East Fork Guild to represent the individual artists’ work. We also worked closely with Alex and John to develop a catalog style guide, a collateral set and creative guidance for styling photo shoots to match the rest of the brand. We designed and built their website and have defined their illustration style.

Brand Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity, Packaging, Web Design, Web Development, Photography, Illustration