Covariant was founded in 2017 by Pieter Abbeel, Peter Chen, Rocky Duan, and Tianhao Zhang who saw an opportunity to use AI to solve real-world problems. They focused on our supply chain, specifically in warehousing and fulfillment, and set off to develop the most advanced robitics solutions powered by the Covariant Brain. After years developing the technology and implementing their solutions to reach commercial scale, Covariant needed an evolved identity and new website to set them up for growth at scale.

We evolved the brand identity system to embrace more white space, bringing a sense of calm and power to the website experience. Our team designed a set of 3D renderings of the robotic solutions that maintained the intricate details of the technology but stripped out the noise of the surrounding environment and really let the robotic arms shine.

Covariant's new website needed to communicate a deeper story, one that showed how their solutions made real impact not only through the mechanical engineering of the robotics themselves, but also through the powerful technology that gets smarter with use. We worked closely with the Covariant team to develop a content strategy and website design and brought the design to life through a custom website built on Sanity.

Visual Identity, Content Strategy, 3D Illustration & Animation, Web Design, Web Development

“Lots of agencies promise what Fuzzco actually delivers: they truly did become an extension of our internal team. They always took feedback in good spirit, weighed many potential options alongside us, and contributed their expertise while listening to our team's input. They have a commitment to high quality work and collaborative relationships, and it shows in every interaction.”

– Ally Lynch, Head of Marketing at Covariant