Caddie Pod

Caddie Pod is a game-changing product for golfers who want to streamline their pre-round routine and improve their performance on the course. Its simple but innovative design includes a three-ball case and built-in stencil that allows you to mark your balls with precision and ease.

We knew that if we were to jumpstart Caddie Pod's mission of becoming a true must-have accessory for golfers that we had to make a splash, pre-launch. And the best way to do that was to create a playful brand that smartly references the product and stands out in a relatively traditional space without looking alien to people who really know their way around the pro shop.

The visual identity system is anchored by a custom wordmark, inspired by recognizable golfing motifs and the product form itself. We continued to build the Caddie Pod universe with a custom set of illustrated caterpillars (cater-pillar, caddie-pod, get it?), and an ecclectic type system that speaks to classic golf advertising and ephemera. This work was the perfect tee-up for creating social assets, an NFT mint pass for preorders, and a landing page.

Visual Identity, Web Design, Social Content, Illustration, Animation