Many of the central global challenges of our time are fundamentally failures of transnational coordination. These problems transcend any individual organization’s capacity to overcome them on their own. Climate change, supply chain fragility, transnational crime, and pandemics are but a few examples.

Today, the hardworking organizations making daily decisions which impact global flows of goods, capital, and people are impaired by partial visibility and decision making tools that don’t evolve with the pace and scale of global flows. The most diligent and intelligent decision makers will never be able to connect all the dots on their own; they require shared intelligence.

Altana approached Fuzzco to help them communicate the power of their AI platform. We created a visual identity that was inspired by Altana's ability to reveal hidden insights. The symbol plays with the gestalt principle, allowing our brains to visually fill in the gaps to connect shapes.

We extended the visual identity system across print collateral as well as the design and development of the website. The design system naturally lends itself to motion and visual play with revealing and shape-shifting graphics.

Visual Identity, Animation, Web Design, Web Development