Co-founders Michelle and Shari came to Fuzzco with a goal to launch a brand that invites customers to own their health and wellness through a modernized approach to acupuncture and herbal supplements. Our goal was to build a brand world that captures their inspired and accessible approach to self care and radical transformation.

Our process included several in-depth conversations with both Shari and Michelle, user and market research, experiential research and shopping. The result was the insight that our customer wanted to be the first to know without having to take too big a departure from the modern self-care experiences she already loves. She wants in on the latest in wellness and to be the influencer of both her friends and followers alike. To connect with her, we built a brand foundation that celebrates the ever-changing nature of our bodies and a welcoming, yet refined place for healing.

Fluid abstract paintings serve as the backdrop to a confident visual system, using bold type, a bright color palette and elegant iconography to tell the full story of the brand. Photography is used to connect customers to their bodies and eliminate stereotypes around acupuncture and less traditional methods of self care. The website clearly communicates WTHN’s approach and offerings and inspires curiosity from visitors.

Brand Strategy, Naming, Verbal Identity, Visual Identity, Packaging, Web Design, Web Development, Interiors Concept, Photography, Illustration