As part of the updated digital experience, we reimagined the brand expression and illustration styles of Vroom. Inspired by Richard Scarry's Busytown book series, we built a rich Vroom world that celebrates the opportunity for learning in life's everyday moments.
Each world uses a different monochromatic color palette and environment to build a system around the Brain Building Basics, the foundational science behind each Vroom tip—look, follow, chat, take turns and stretch.
The illustration style was drawn to scale easily from a pulled back view of each world to close up parent-child interactions.
Vroom__Community Center
We also created a full library of spot illustrations, Collection cover images, iconography and UI elements.
Vroom__Onboarding Illustration
Illustrations were brought to life through a series of animated videos and print materials for parents and partner organizations alike.
To continue building a connection to the science behind each Vroom tip, we created a series of Brain Building Basic cover images to be used in print materials, on and in the app.
Vroom__BBB Illustration
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