Vroom is a program that boosts children's learning with fast and fun tips. As Vroom's creative and digital partner, we led the discovery and user research to inform a fully re-imagined digital experience, which earned a 5-star rating from Common Sense Media and was featured in the App store.
Our work was key to furthering Vroom's mission of driving behavior change and turning everyday moments into brain-building moments.

Informed by parent-driven insights and backed by leading developmental neuroscience, we rebuilt the Vroom app to inspire frequent and delightful use.
We connected each Vroom tip to core parent-child interactions—look, follow, chat, take turns, and stretch—to help parents learn and apply Vroom science without relying on the app.
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Parents see the science behind each tip with a tap of a finger and an overview of what skills their child has learned, from making connections to persistence.
We increased exploration and adoption with discoverable categories, connecting tips with skills and activities parents care about.
We designed a personalized journal for each child, to place Vroom activities at parent's fingertips and showcase photographs that celebrate parenting wins.
Vroom has been recognized by Fast Company, Common Sense Media, and education leaders including Geoff Canada and Madeline Wright Edelman.
Our role included strategy, copywriting, design, interaction, animation, illustration and development. Learn more at Vroom.org.
  • Services:
  • App Design,
  • Brand Strategy,
  • Copywriting,
  • Development,
  • Icon Design,
  • Illustration,
  • Responsive Web Design

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