Talia di Napoli

Edward Freda’s uncle lives in Naples, Italy and spent two years sourcing the perfect ingredients (exact water content of the mozzarella, acidity of the tomatoes, etc) to make a traditional neapolitan pizza that can be cryogenically frozen and exported internationally. In their facility in Naples pizzaiolos prepare and cook the pizzas and then transfer the 400 degree pizzas straight from the oven into a cryogenic conveyor belt that drops its temperature to -100 degrees in under a minute. This allows Talia to ship the pizza’s to the US completely frozen where they transport the magic of neapolitan pizza straight to your kitchen.

The insight is simple. This isn’t frozen pizza. It’s sleeping pizza. You get to wake it up. With sleeping as a motif there are opportunities to play with sleeping zzzzs, pizza zzzzs and to even reference Vesuvius, the dormant volcano outside of Naples where the pizzas are made. In doing research we thought of sleeping beauties and found that story of Sleeping Beauty was originally written in Naples in the 17th century and the name of the princess was Talia - so we called it Talia di Napoli (Talia of Naples). The work all pays tribute to this tradition juxtaposed with indulgent imagery.

We worked with Talia from concept through launch, helping with everything from brand strategy and naming to a photoshoot and packaging.

Brand Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity, Packaging, Photography, Web Design, Illustration