Suki is a voice-enabled digital assistant built for doctors—making documentation disappear so doctors can focus on the practice of medicine. They came to us as they were preparing to enter the next phase of growth, looking to build a brand experience that positioned them as innovative and trusted leaders in both the technology and medical industries.
Through an immersive discovery process and broad market research, we learned that our doctors lacked the sophistication and experience of modern technology in the workplace that they are afforded in their personal lives.
We saw an opportunity to bring a consumer sensibility to the tools our doctors use, elevating and honoring our doctors and their experiences. Our work positioned Suki as expert, respectful and attentive, speaking with users as a trusted peer.
It was important that we bring a unique point of view and distinct visual system to the space. The identity uses organic forms at the forefront to represent invisible technology that's attentive and always responsive.
Iconography was created to reinforce usability, simplicity, and sophistication throughout the experience.
The typography palette is confident, honest, and authentically digital—responding to its environment creating a rich contrast with the gradient library. Combined they add energy and softness to a brand that is human on the surface with technology at its core.
Photography is used to honor the passion and day-to-day of our doctor's lives, showing realistic moments that build trust and empathy. In partnership, illustration tells complex stories quickly through guided interactions, bringing softness to the technology.
The Suki website comes to life through ambient gradients and interactions that support and respond to the user. The experience puts doctors first, giving them a quick understanding of how Suki can support them and their practice.
We used a combination of fast, flexible Vue.js and a heavily customized take on WebGL shader framework Phenomenon to create the completely realtime background gradients on the site, which provide a high-definition and different-every-time experience without using up all the user's data or memory.
We used lightweight SVG animations to react to the user’s scroll position on the Technology page, animating various Suki capabilities in an approachable and understandable way.
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