Students Rebuild is a program connecting champion teachers with a ready-made adventure in global learning, calling on their students’ thinking, creativity and compassion through a yearly philanthropic cause.
Our Goal: A digital experience supporting busy teachers' need for quick access to critical information while inspiring them to join—and complete—each challenge.
As part of our work we led a refresh to the existing visual identity system, defined the brand voice and copy, and built out a robust illustration and photography library to support the program team for years to come.
We were inspired by unique and endearing children’s art. The asymmetry and imperfection of pencil drawings speak to the whimsical language of children’s imaginations.
The visual system and photography is vibrant and playful, reflecting young people's optimism and idealism.
The site brings student work front and center—content rich galleries proudly display artwork from around the world.
Teachers are on the lookout for great lesson ideas, but they don't have time to search. The site makes the program's impressive materials easy to discover and preview.
To go one step further, we made finding, and re-finding teaching tools quick and easy.
Visit to see their impact.
  • Services:
  • Copywriting,
  • Development,
  • Identity Design,
  • Illustration,
  • Photography,
  • Responsive Web Design,
  • Strategy,
  • Video,
  • Website

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