Wikinvest is a San Francisco-based finance company that powers all the stock charts on,, among other media outlets.

The founders of Wikinvest have recently launched a new service that allows users to interact with their investment portfolios in a new and comprehensive way. This new service required an identity and they engaged Fuzzco to lead the way.

The project was an adventure. We went through dozens of potential names and logos. SigFig (significant figure) emerged as the winner. The idea of a piggy bank played well with the investment culture and stood out in the competitive space and thus the SigFig Pig was born.

It was important that the pig look smart and proud. We developed a library of pig postures to be used for various applications. The type is a heavily customized Futura Bold which reflects and supports the friendly pig.

Designed for SigFig by Fuzzco
Logotype for SigFig by Fuzzco
Alternate logos and illustrations for SigFig by Fuzzco
Alternate logos and illustrations
Alternate Logo for SigFig by Fuzzco
Alternate Logo
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