Revel Systems is a San Francisco-based company with a great product. They developed a cloud-based iPad Point of Sale system for restaurants and retail establishments. The system is quick, intuitive and powerful. Revel Systems recently raised venture capital to expand their business. A rebrand was a top priority. Enter Fuzzco.

Revel Systems came to us for a full overhaul of their existing brand. This included a logo, print collateral, a set of icons explaining their process, and a consumer website.

The floating logo references both the simplicity of use and the cloud-based infrastructure at the core of the product. The process iconography is utilitarian and to the point. The design of the website references the touch-and-go feel of the Revel POS application.

Designed for Revel Systems by Fuzzco
Logo for Revel Systems by Fuzzco
Icon Set for Revel Systems by Fuzzco
Icon Set
Collateral for Revel Systems by Fuzzco
Website for Revel Systems by Fuzzco
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