According to founder/creator Jason Burke, the food we eat should be simple, nutritious and free of chemicals and preservatives. He launched The New Primal to satisfy caveman cravings for all-natural fuel.

Objective: To invent a brand identity, packing designs and a digital platform for The New Primal line of all-natural snacks.

Results: The New Primal brand reflects it’s foundational ethos through its clean lines and single-minded presentation of what is natural and real. The website features Jason’s products and perspectives through an intuitively navigable interface while New Primal’s packaging uses subtle design elements to display ingredients and reveal the careful thought behind each variety.

Animal illustrations for New Primal by Fuzzco
Animal illustrations
Business cards for New Primal by Fuzzco
Business cards
Packaging for New Primal by Fuzzco
Ingredient photography for New Primal by Fuzzco
Ingredient photography
Hat logo application for New Primal by Fuzzco
Hat logo application
Website for New Primal by Fuzzco
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