A direct-to-consumer telemedicine company, Kick provides users with tactical solutions to treat situational anxiety including daily exercises and direct access to beta blockers.
We partnered with Kick to develop a bold, trustworthy brand that would position Kick as a leader on the forefront of a new and growing industry.
The brand is supported by a layered approach to illustration. Line drawings are used to evoke a feeling of imperfection which are balanced by heavy shapes to provide structure and balance. Layering the illustrations and shapes gives them a flexible set of visual tools to support their marketing efforts.
The circle motif that echoes the brand symbol weaves through icons, illustrations, photography, and packaging.
While the high-level brand is bold with empowering language, the product packaging was designed to be discrete to protect customer's privacy.
The minimal packaging has a surprisingly bold interior that creates a visual pep talk as the box is opened—right when a user needs it most.
We designed and wrote copy for a Kick’s simple website, crafting two versions for early launch A/B testing and giving them tools to expand their digital presence as the brand grows.
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