JumpCam is a free mobile app that makes it easy to create collaborative videos with friends and family.

They came to us to rebrand their app. The original logo felt too flashy and along with the loose system of supporting elements, the brand had no real story. While their audience is primarily young people, they were aiming for something with more widespread appeal. We didn’t want to alienate their existing audience, so we were tasked with making something look friendly and approachable without making it too childish. This was a fine line we walked throughout the project.

This struggle between fun, simple, and not-too-childish is best represented in the camera character we developed. It’s fun without being gimmicky—has character without being too silly. Also, as the character interacts with all it’s other multicolored friends, it subtly communicates JumpCam’s value proposition: collaborative video-making with all your friends.

Download the app: JumpCam

Designed for JumpCam by Fuzzco
Custom-drawn logotype for JumpCam by Fuzzco
Custom-drawn logotype
App icon for JumpCam by Fuzzco
App icon
JumpCam characters hanging out for JumpCam by Fuzzco
JumpCam characters hanging out
"Record" and "add clip" icons
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