When super-successful mobile advertising tech company SponsorPay decided to rebrand as Fyber, they came to us to develop their new identity system.

We worked closely with Fyber’s leadership to determine what attributes the brand needed to convey and explored a variety of conceptual paths before honing in on the final system.

The re-branding also included the build-out of new office spaces in Berlin and San Francisco that needed to provide a consistent brand experience, so we designed both a flat mural and three-dimensional installation for both offices. T-shirts, presentation templates, and business cards rounded out our design work, with a comprehensive brand guide providing rules for usage of all brand marks, colors, and typography.

Designed for Fyber by Fuzzco
Logo for Fyber by Fuzzco
Brand Guide for Fyber by Fuzzco
Brand Guide
Business Card for Fyber by Fuzzco
Business Card
Tshirts for Fyber by Fuzzco
Installation for Fyber by Fuzzco
Mural for Fyber by Fuzzco
Slide deck for Fyber by Fuzzco
Slide deck
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