A new non-profit initiative, Enough Pie is dedicated to supporting creative placemaking on the upper peninsula of Charleston by funding creative programming, community development initiatives and tactical urbanism projects.

Objective: To create a brand identity and website that can achieve the organization’s dual aims of raising awareness and advancing its advocacy positions.

Results: Inspired by the organization’s quirky-but-direct name, the logo mark offers a subtle visual suggestion that underlines the assumption behind the movement. The website features an interactive map of the organization’s area of interest and layered elements that tell its story, explain how the public can be involved and make a case for support. Taken together, the site is an elegantly messy pile of content that offers a fun and informative experience to visitors.

Designed for Enough Pie by Fuzzco
Logo for Enough Pie by Fuzzco
Alternate marks for Enough Pie by Fuzzco
Alternate marks
Business cards for Enough Pie by Fuzzco
Business cards
Letterhead and envelope for Enough Pie by Fuzzco
Letterhead and envelope
Website for Enough Pie by Fuzzco
Website map landing page for Enough Pie by Fuzzco
Website map landing page
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