Big Cartel - Snake Bite
Big Cartel is a leading ecommerce platform catering to artists, crafters and makers looking to sell their products online. Over the years, we've integrated their easy, flexible platform into many of the sites we've built.
Big Cartel commissioned us to develop a new theme for their library. Given a blank canvas, we built the theme we've always wanted and named it Snake Bite.

Snake Bite is high energy, intensely customizable, and optimized for mobile access. The theme's customizable colors, fonts, and features make it a great option for a broad range of stores and aesthetics, while its structure is easy to use and convenient for consumers.
Snake Big - Customize Colors
Some examples of Snake Bite in use include the fantastic Tortilla Towel, and Hallie Bateman's shop.
See what Big Cartel had to say about the project here.
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