Knowing what we know about the behind-the-scenes struggle and anguish that goes into designing a logo, we wanted to create an opportunity to explore that process without the usual expectations. What makes a good logo, good? What makes a bad logo, bad? How Low Can Your Logo is a contest that invites you to explore just that.

This is a real contest with real prizes and real judges.

The contest will run for 2 weeks, starting RIGHT NOW. The last day to enter will be Tuesday, April 21st. We will close submissions at 5 pm ET. At that time, the top 20 logos will be collected and our esteemed judges will decide the winner. We will announce the winner Monday, April 27th.

You can submit as many logos as you’d like. Submitting is easy: read the brief, design a logo and upload it! Go for it:

A good logo is Design, a bad logo might be Art. We’re looking forward to seeing what you create.


A special thank you to our enthusiastic judges Armin Vit, Carly Ayres, Caroline Bagley, Elliott Moody, Jessica Hische, Michael BierutNishat Akhtar and our fantastic sponsors AIGA Eye on Design, Counter-Print, East Fork, OFFHOURS, and Pretend Store.