The Fuzzco of both coasts met up for the annual company retreat in October for round two at our favorite Oregon beach spot, Manzanita.

We really love this house. There are cozy nooks for everyone to have their early morning alone time looking out over the ocean and seats at the table for our shared meals.

This year the weather got the best of us, but we did soak up every non-rainy moment we could. We took a long walks down the beach, saw a mating pair of bald eagles, made a fire on the beach and ate s’mores while sipping on hot toddies.

The best thing about the rain, and perhaps the highlight of the trip for some of us, was braving the downpour at Cannon beach and running against the strong coastal winds.


Inside, we held feats of strength and played a lot of games. We even made one up as a team! It’s called Sqwee–a writing and drawing game that we’re designing and developing to integrate with Slack.

On our last night, the power went out long enough for us to light the house with candles and tell ghost stories. Everyone was a little sad when the lights came on.

Everyone was also a little sad when we had to say goodbye. Until next time!