We’ve recently relaunched Pretend Store, an online shop where we sell the products we design and make ourselves.

Some history

Over the course of several months in late 2013 and early 2014, we converted our office in Charleston, South Carolina into a variety of pop-up experiences including a showroom, retail store, photo studio, experimental office space, taxidermy laboratory, reading room, 3-D printing studio, toy-making workshop, art gallery, and dining room. Each participant in Pretend Store evolved the space to fit their needs.

As a part of the concept, we created an exclusive product with each of the participants. With Workstead we created a wooden lantern, with Proud Mary an embroidered Turkish towel and with Studio O+A we collaborated to make modular cardboard sheets that were used to construct temporary office spaces (used to make walls, shelves, desks, chairs, etc).

The temporary aspect of these experiences in conjunction with the product collaborations was what informed the name, Pretend Store.

We closed the Pretend Store pop-up space in 2014 but we’ve been working on new product collaborations ever since.


Now you can experience the Pretend Store online and through the products we’ve created, as well as through occasional pop-ups in our offices in Charleston and Portland from time to time.

The new store is what the Pretend Store has always been—a way for us to connect and collaborate with other companies and artisans. We get to create our own brands and products and gain the experience of running an online retail store. The day-to-day business of running a store gives us a lot of knowledge and empathy for our clients in retail—the challenges, risks and decisions that have to be made to build a brand and product line.

The store also let’s us put our photography capabilities to good use, and we do all of our own product photography and styling.

We’re especially proud of our recent collaborations with MCMC Fragrances, Todd Heim Projects, East Fork Pottery and Candlefish (more to come).

Do check out the shop!