An East Fork Pottery x Fuzzco x Candlefish collaboration.

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EFC Candles come in three scents: mars, moon and comet. The scents are described below. The vessels are made from red stoneware clay that is mined and processed in North Carolina. Take note of the maker’s mark left by the fingers of the potters at the base of the glazed vessels.

Mars – red vessel, ivory wax
scent notes: cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli and citrus

Moon – white vessel, ivory wax
scent notes: honeysuckle, jasmine, and a light powder

Comet – black vessel, black wax
scent notes: pepper, cardamom, birch tar, amber and cedarwood

East Fork Pottery made the vessels, Fuzzco provided the creative direction and design and Candlefish poured the wax.

Once all of the wax is gone they make beautiful containers for flowers, pencils, tea, beer and more.


You may purchase Moon, Mars and Comet from our shop.

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