Sometimes we like to poke fun at the things we love and boy oh boy do we love art directors. Our projects wouldn’t be nearly as good as they are without the team effort. But when you start to think about the role of a director in a humorous way the jokes just about write themselves.

Are you a creative type that sometimes doubts your own judgment, taste, or ability? Boy do we have just the thing for you. Introducing Fuzzco’s Pocket Art Director. It puts all the power of a full-grown living, mouth-breathing, coffee-drinking art director in the palm of your hand. Simply give it a roll to have your own ideas trumped with clear, succinct, but ultimately unusable direction.

Our Pocket Art Director started as an ad for Giant Conference’s collateral, but was so much fun we built a web-based version and are producing actual physical 20-sided dice. You can use the ad to cut out and assemble your own Pocket Art Director at home, roll on the go using your mobile device, or if you’re in the woods and need direction you can just roll the plastic die directly on the forest floor.


If that’s still not enough judgment direction in your life, you can also see what the Pocket Art Director is thinking and doing through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Dribbble.