We’re pretty stoked about the Giant Conference which kicks off today. A lot of great thinkers, speakers and creators have descended on our hometown to think and speak about creating. We were fortunate enough to do the branding work for all of the various Giant identities.

When the Giant founders first approached us to create an identity system for them, we had a lot of big ideas. Very big. Maybe too big. With a name like Giant, we figured, you have to suggest massive scale. So most of our initial sketched concepts played on this idea.

We thought about making the letters look huge by using perspective to show them looming above and receding into the distance.       perspective

Or what if the letters were so big they couldn’t all fit in the frame?


What if they were huge letters floating in the sky like the bat signal or skywriting?



But perception of size is also relative. What if the letters looked like a reasonable size but you realized that they were really tall by the length of their shadow?


What if the word was just simply giant?


Role reversal, what if we created something unexpected by writing giant in tiny letters?


What if the letters were so big that they couldn’t help but touch?


Giant things have big shadows, what if the logo was just the shadow?Shadow

Or what if the word Giant was really big only in relation to other copy paired with it?


This last idea sort of clicked for all of us and we decided to develop the idea further. We paired the name of the conference with various sub-entities that fall under the brand and presented some initial type treatments for the logo.

We also played around with some colors that we thought were bold enough to be paired with such a gargantuan name.

Once we’d presented and discussed these designs with the Giant guys the path to the finish line was clear. We made one more pass to present the final Giant system.


It’s big and we’re proud of it. We hope you like it too.

See a little more of this project here.