Our buddies at Big Cartel called us and said they wanted us to build a custom store theme for their library. They gave us a blank canvas and told us to design the store that we would want to use. So we created Snakebite.

In our early discussions about Snakebite, we talked as much about freedom and customizability as we did about making something that looked good. We wanted to create a theme that conveys a lot of energy without nailing users down to a particular presentation, one that allows for a high degree of customization but never looks unthoughtful.


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To us, the greatest challenge is to strike a comfortable balance between these points of tension, creating a theme that works well for a broad range of stores but doesn’t feel either too chaotic or too blah. With Snakebite, users can customize colors, fonts, slideshows, background images and various Big Cartel features to inject their own personality into the mix. See how we customized it for our shop.

We also feel that the mobile ecommerce scene is pretty underdeveloped so we designed and built for mobile first. The result is a theme that works equally well whether you’re using your phone or sitting in front of your giant display at home. Or both at the same time.

Snakebite is bonkers, Snakebite is fun, Snakebite is practical and powerful.

You can check it out on our own store now or get into Big Cartel and give it a whirl.