This June 11-14, Charleston will be graced with the minds of at least 75 more geniuses, all on the bill to address us at the Giant Conference, a Conference for People Who Create Rad Experiences.

When we first heard of the conference and its aspirations for a huge line-up of web/app/front-end/back-end/UX/UI/other designers, developers, researchers, specialists, managers, entrepreneurs, illustrators, CEOs, coaches and architects, we were eager to join the party and get our hands dirty. And when we were asked to put a logo system together for Giant and its subsidiaries, we jumped at the chance.

Check out what we’ve done, and see how it’s been put to work.

The Giant logo system Business Cards social media banners and avatars Facebook banner and avatar

Keep up with the event news and info at www.giantconf.com and on Twitter and Facebook. Get your tickets now for what’s sure to be the most exciting thing to hit Charleston in nearly a century.